Where did the Russian language originate from?

Posted on February 16, 2010 by 8 comments

I know this is a random question but I was listening to a song that was russian and I’ve heard that Russian is one of the hardest languages to learn. So I was wondering what made it so unique that it became one of the harder languages and I was thinking most languages originated from something and changed from region to region so I was wondering where it originated from.

Does anyone know where Russian language originated from and why its so hard to learn?

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8 Responses to “Where did the Russian language originate from?”

  1. Mar(ine) Feb 16, 2010 #

    Mongolian dialects

  2. Pocket Protectorate Feb 16, 2010 #

    New Jersey…

    (And the reason it’s so hard to learn is…

    …they don’t use their tongue OR lips…it’s all just gurgling and strangling sounds and belly laughs…)

  3. nickipettis Feb 16, 2010 #

    It is one of the Slavic languages.
    it has more letters than the Greek alphabet, but many of the letters are the same as in Greek.

    part of the difficulty is that subtle pronunciation differences make things mean something very different. there are other complexities.

  4. Legal Monkey Feb 16, 2010 #

    Not directly answering your question, but addressing your assumption:

    Russian actually isn’t that difficult to learn. The language uses the cyrillic alphabet which can sometimes be confusing with the alphabet you’re familiar with in the English language; but in comparison to some other languages (especially asian scripts) cyrillic is quite easy to learn because a lot of the characters resemble English characters.

    Also, most Russian words can be pronounced in only one way. This differs greatly with English words which can have many, many accents.

    Russian sentence structure is also simplified. A lot of pronouns that are used in the English language are non-existant in the Russian language. The Russian language also uses a lot of cognates and conjunctions; much like Spanish, Japanese Katakana, or Chinese conjunctions.

  5. ellakolesnikova Feb 16, 2010 #

    It’s A_Slavic One(slavic group)

  6. strine strumpet Feb 16, 2010 #

    *Points in that direction*

    From over there…

    You’re welcome.

  7. ღ♥Goxy♥ღ Feb 16, 2010 #

    Russian belongs to the Slavic group of Indo-European languages, same as most other European languages.


    It’s not more difficult to learn than any other non related language to prospective learners.

  8. el domingo got suspended for no Feb 16, 2010 #

    It originated from Russia, that’s why it’s called Russian. And the only reason it’s hard to learn, is because it has a different alphabet.

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