What is a good foreign language learning software?

Posted on December 4, 2009 by 5 comments

Please do not say Rosseta it’s too expensive and many of the reviews aren’t too great. I was hoping to find a language learning software that teaches grammar and vocabulary.( It doesn’t matter what type of language as long at that same brand has different languages.) I was wanting a software that is about $50 and certainly not over $110. Also, I don’t want any online course as well. Thanks.

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5 Responses to “What is a good foreign language learning software?”

  1. Jack Dec 05, 2009 #

    Berlitz, Instant Immersion, Eurotalk (talk now), Quickstart and many more cost less than $50.

    I recommend Berlitz premier for $25. I haven’t used their software, but I really like their book and CD packages.

    You will end up with PC viruses if you use torrents.

  2. Eva Dec 05, 2009 #

    Your probably not gonna like this but the first guy is sorta right…it’s free..

  3. Giniaa <3 Dec 05, 2009 #

    please try one of these. they’re free and really good! you can pay for livemocha for more features too.


    good luck ^^

  4. cantilena91 Dec 05, 2009 #

    Sadly, NONE of the computer courses can ever replace real language lessons with human tutors. ALL computer things are more or less incomplete!

  5. www.notable-solutions.com Dec 05, 2009 #

    Check http://www.ohio-distinctive.com. I have used their language software and its pretty good. Several languages available at good prices.

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